Training levels


Robotics Junior

 This is for Age group 7+Yrs to 12 Yrs. We recommend the Minimum age to be 8 Yrs. Your Kid will focus on mechanical design, construction, programming and teamwork skills. Your Kid will construct robots and utilize motors and sensors to program their robots with a computer to move, react and make sound. Explore, design and create simple machines: gears, levers, pulleys, and transmission of motion. Cross curriculum lessons inspire critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity. Your Kid will work with the ultrasonic, light, sound and touch sensors in depth as they create speedy, high torque, monster machines. In addition, they learn about gear ratio and advanced programming.


Robotics Junior High

 This is for Age group 13-15. In this Curriculum, in addition to the Robotics Junior Skills, we will Introduce theme-based challenges to engage your child in research, presentations, problem solving, and engineering. The program emphasizes working with others, friendly sportsmanship, learning, and community involvement.


Robotics Seniors

This is for Age group above 15-21. In this curriculum, we cover the Robotics Junior & Junior High and This is more for folks who already have a deep understanding on the Robotics and towards enthusiast folks. This Involves Complex Problem solving using Mathematics Models, building Complex Robots and involves Advanced Programming. This level of Skill set can be used to Participate in National/Inter National Level Robotic Competitions involving Complex Robotic Machines.

Course Duration:

The Typical duration for Learning the above courses varies depending upon the individual learning Capacity, ability. In Minimum the duration of the Robotics Junior level is 24-28 weeks (6 Months+) with a weekly one Class. For Kids that wish to Participate in the Robotics Competition, additional coaching will be provided.
Typically the Robotic Competition happens in July- Aug, so a Preparation of 6 Months is needed to Participate in these competitions.