ROBOTICS AND OLYMPIAD

OVER the last decade, Robotics has been one of the hottest topics for research and development. Players – big or small, scientists, engineers and companies are bursting with innovative ideas to launch their products in the market. Robotics ensures lucrative market opportunities and thus n number of patents are being filed across the globe. Researches are being carried on vigorously wherein Robotics technology converging with contemporary cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, cloud and likewise are tested and tried. Human needs and evolving technologies are encouraging companies to achieve intelligent as well as ergonomic solutions.  According to the experts, Robotics will make a huge impact in various fields such as medical, surgery, e-commerce, safety and security, utilities, and many more. Thus, it will be playing an increasingly vital role in business and personal life.

WHENEVER a new product is introduced in the market, the tech-savvies burrow deep to understand its novelty and utility. Further, it is a human tendency to find the practical world of technology more interesting than theoretical knowledge. There is a similar kind of excitement in a child who is given a chance to build his/her robot. Imagine the joy of a child building such structures and making them function accordingly.

Here comes the course ‘Cracker Jack Robotics’ offered by NuArk HCS & Technologies. Not only they provide students with the learning related to structures of Robots, they also teach the programming behind the functioning of the structures. They have their own kits that includes the lego structures, sensors, wheels, microcontrollers and many more. Moreover, you will be enlightened to know that Cracker Jack Robotics also helps students to participate in World Robotics competitions.

World Robot Olympiad™ is a robotics competition where young people from different countries participate. WRO was held in New Delhi, India in the month of November, 2016. More than two thousand students belonging to about fifty countries showcased innovative solutions using robotics technology to reduce, manage and recycle waste.

This year a competition will be held in September 2017 on national level. WRO 2017 is being jointly organized by India STEM Foundation and National Council of Science Museums (NCSM). The winners of the competition will further represent the country in World Robot Olympiad™  (WRO).

Cracker Jack Robotics is a brand-new organization and has opened its office in 1st of July 2016. Its motives is:

  •     To explore in the field of Robotics, and  leverage the children of your nation to go ahead in being a part of the developed India.

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